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Welcome to The Innovation Creation Studio

Your Social Impact Community


Photos by Julia Cumes

Check Out Our Intro Info Session Video


Photos by Julia Cumes

Check Out Our Intro Info Session Presentation 

About Us

The Innovation Creation Studio is a revolutionary entrepreneurship program that works to serve displaced learners in the Global Community. In many of our locations learners can be limited in their work opportunities due to local regulations. We work to empower learners with agricultural and entrepreneurial skills that they are able to utilize to create sustainable employment opportunities for both their communities and themselves. 

Our programs will offer multiple opportunities and access for learners to explore innovative and entrepreneurial pathways.  The program is launching in October 2021 as a partnership between Change The Tune & The Global Education Movement at Southern New Hampshire University. The program will feature an Incubator and Accelerator program focused on building social enterprises that address needs in their communities tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.  Additionally, programming will be accompanied by pitch competitions and mentoring supports that will run bi-annually and look to serve up to 1500 learners.  Our big goal is to elevate a community of leaders that can build an infrastructure that supports the elevation and transformation of refugee communities.

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Available Programs

Innovation Creation Studio strives to help startups gain the guidance and skills they need to turn their ideas into something real. To this end, there are several tracks to pick from. Have a look at what’s available and pick the one that’s best for you.

Writing on Glass

 Transformation & Incubation

Make your vision a reality!

Designed for learners with little to no business experience This workshop will allow learners to be introduced to the pathway of being a social entrepreneur. We will leverage the sustainable development goals, and learner passions to support them through the development of a business plan that they would like to immediately implement.

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Elevation & Acceleration

Helping your vision expand its wings!

Designed for learners who have significant business experience, they will work on scaling and iterating on their current business. The goal of this experiential workshop is to provide an opportunity for learners to learn how to elevate and grow their business for a larger community impact.



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