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Image copyright Getty Images US President Donald Trump has pledged to quit the World Trade Organization as soon as he gets out of office. Speaking to the Economic Club of Washington, he said the US "was being treated unfairly". Mr Trump's comments came as the WTO held its annual ministerial meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. The president did not specify what sort of trade remedy he was referring to, but said "nobody else would be given the privilege of leaving". Membership of the WTO dates back to 1995, but the United States withdrew in 2001, saying it would hold the organisation to a new set of rules. Mr Trump's comments came as he was asked about his plans to reduce US tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. The US administration is due to announce its decision later on Tuesday. A leaked draft of the president's speech to the Economic Club in Washington has shown a willingness to compromise with other members of the G7, after Mr Trump became embroiled in a trade dispute with the leaders of Canada, France and Germany. He told the audience in his speech that a trade dispute between the US and its two northern neighbours had "cost us dearly". "It is very much in our national interest to get a trade deal with Canada," he said. While the president has criticised Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the tariffs, he told the audience the Canadian leader had been a "very good" friend, adding: "I like him very much." The EU has also been granted a deal on tariffs after a US appeals court struck down Mr Trump's own plan, which was set to last for four years.Q: how to update values in one table based on another table in oracle I have a table "Table1" as shown below. Item_No | Cus_No |



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Power Rangers Dino Thunder Full Episodes Free Download In Hindil bettgir

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