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Program Leadership Team

As Passionate as Our Founders

Charli Kemp 

Program Designer & Doctoral Resident

Charli believes “music is the universal language of the soul” and a panacea for societal problems. She is a curator of transformative, musical-learning experiences that empower individuals to create positive systemic change. Utilizing education as a vehicle for activism, Charli is driven in her desire to end inequitable systems, to create opportunities and access for underserved communities. Change The Tune, the nonprofit she founded, seeks to reimagine the learning space by creating  revolutionary extended learning spaces that provide radical and transformational learning experiences in partnership with communities.  

Previously, Charli worked for Green Dot Public Schools,where she developed the organization’s first  social-emotional learning framework. Before earning her MBA in 2014 from the University of Southern California, Charli was a Teach For America Fellow and taught middle school mathematics and science in New York City for five years. As a teacher, she built strong communal relationships while helping her schools to reimagine their extended learning programming. Charli Kemp received her BA from Spelman College, and is currently a  doctoral candidate in education leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is currently in her third year at Harvard and completing her residency with the Global Education Movement at Southern New Hampshire University.


Donatha Icyimpaye

Chief Program Officer

Donatha Icyimpaye is a Southern New Hampshire University graduate with BA in Healthcare Management in Global Perspective through Global Education Movement. She believes in empowering others through change and action. Donatha has always believed in hardworking because when you put in the work with all you have got, you will be able to get where you want to be, even if it means halfway, little wins lead to big achievements. 

Donatha has a background in healthcare, where she worked as a nurse in the community health center for four years. After Donatha finished her Advanced Midwifery Diploma in 2011, she worked as a midwife in Nyagatare District Hospital in Rwanda for four years. she believes in empowering others by supporting the community to unlock their potential and be self-reliant by putting forces together to find opportunities through creative ideas. She is currently working as an Operations Assistant in Scalabrini Centre of Cape, a non-profit organization that helps refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers through advocacy and welfare, which are among the 7 programmes that the organization provides to the community. 

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Bora Elize

Chief of Staff

 As a young child, Bora loved school, and pursuing her education was her main goal in life to make her parents proud. Shy and bold Bora was a force to reckon with in school frequently coming in first in her classroom, and winning awards.


Bora is someone who is not easily distracted by life as a young person when dealing with her academics. Bora was so excited to get into the Global Education Movement, that she tirelessly worked and managed to complete her AA diploma in 7 months and soon after began her BA in Healthcare Management which she also completed in under 11 months. Bora attributes her success in college to the gap year she took before beginning with Southern New Hampshire University. She feels the time off made her success thirsty, that she might never ever be able to quench that thirst. Bora is excited to take advantage of her gifts of leading and pushing others forwards as she joins the Innovation Creation Studio as Chief of Staff.

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Feel free to reach out to a specific team member. We can’t wait to meet you.

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